About Me!

From A Swimming Pool Cleaner To A Water Treatment Specialist!

I started to learn about how to treat water when a friend asked me if I wanted to help him with his swimming pool business. After he taught me the basics of how to check for chlorine, adjust water pH, and what water hardness was, I started to learn more about water on my own.

After working with my friend for about a year, we decided to study and become certified in pool and spa water treatment. We studied for several months before heading to Atlantic City, New Jersey, for a week-long training course, and the final pool and spa test.

We went to class all day and then studied at night, and in the end, we both passed the test and became certified for swimming pool water treatment by N.E.S.P.A. (North East Swimming Pool and Spa Association).

I later became a technician for a local water treatment company and worked my way up to be the senior water treatment specialist for the company.

Working with this company gave me the opportunity to learn more about water treatment than I ever thought I could.

I have worked with many high-quality water treatment companies such as Kinetico Water SystemsWater Right, and Mid-America Water, which I have learned from over the years, and access to the W.Q.A. (Water Quality Association) to find answers to any question that I come across.

The Water Quality Association (WQA), is the trade organization for the water quality improvement industry. It is a non-profit, international organization that provides educational and technical assistance and standardized industry testing for water treatment products.

Over the years I have come across some odd problems and water situations where a standard water treatment system just wouldn’t do. This is why I have had to think outside of the box and it has allowed me to learn many aspects of water treatment that are anything but common.

To resolve these unique water problems, I have been in touch with some of the top water treatment system manufacturers in the world, to learn the best techniques and practices for solving some of the most difficult water problems.

I decided that I should not let the information that I have learned go to waste so I wanted to share what I have learned with anyone that I can help.

Over the years I have worked on all of the most common brands of water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, ultraviolet light systems, and many other water treatment systems.

I have become very knowledgeable in the operation and repair of brands like Hague, Kinetico, Fleck, Clack, Auto-troll, Culligan, Water Right/Water Care, Tier 1, iSpring, Apec, Apex, and numerous other brands of water softeners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems and other water treatment systems.

But even though I have a good working knowledge of many water brands and types of water treatment systems, I am still learning new things all of the time, and as I learn new things, I share what I have learned on freewateradvice.com.

I also offer helpful information on other websites like Reddit.comQuora.com, and Terrylove.com to people looking for answers to their water questions.


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