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Does Stanley Make a Beer Growler? They Sure Do!

With their vacuum-sealed technology and rugged stainless steel build, Stanley manufactures several beer growler options perfect for transporting craft brews or homebrew.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore Stanley’s durable growler lineup, temperature retention capabilities, proper usage and cleaning, and why their trademark insulation makes Stanley an ideal brand for beer enthusiasts everywhere. Let’s dive into the world of portable craft beer, thanks to Stanley.

Introducing Stanley’s Beer Growlers: Quality Meets Craft

For over 100 years, Stanley has engineered exceptional vacuum-insulated containers for everything from explorer thermoses to scientific sample transport. Stanley brings that same caliber of performance to craft beer storage.

Made from food-grade stainless steel and featuring Stanley’s signature vacuum sealing, their growler lineup provides the ideal vessel for keeping your favorite brews cold, fresh, and delicious until you’re ready to savor that first frothy sip.

Stanley beer growlers marry high-end materials, ingenious insulation technology, and an appreciation for the art of craft brewing.

A Tradition of Excellence: Stanley’s History in Beverage Containers

While best known for legendary thermoses, Stanley’s expertise in beverage storage goes back to founder William Stanley Jr., who produced his first vacuum-sealed stopper for water bottles way back in 1913.

For over a century now, Stanley has engineered innovative containers tailor-made to preserve hot and cold liquids in optimal condition despite the exterior environment.

This rich heritage provided the blueprint for Stanley’s modern growler designs. By harnessing vacuum technology in stainless steel containers purpose-built for carbonated beverages, Stanley has created the pinnacle vessel for portable craft beer enjoyment.

Stanley’s Beer Growlers: The Ultimate Companion for Craft Beer Enthusiasts

For craft beer aficionados, Stanley’s vacuum-sealed stainless steel growler lineup offers:

  • Food-grade 18/8 stainless steel construction. Unaffected by beer pH, it won’t degrade flavors.
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps beer icy cold for up to a week. Far longer than glass growlers.
  • Powder-coated exterior to minimize scratches from daily use.
  • Leakproof gaskets provide an airtight seal to maintain carbonation.
  • Generous 64-oz capacity. Perfect for transporting files from your local brewery.
  • A stylish, streamlined silhouette. Built for beer without looking like a traditional thermos.

Overall, Stanley leverages its container expertise to create the ideal growler for craft beer portability and storage.

Why Choose Stanley for Your Beer Growler Needs

There are several compelling reasons to choose Stanley when shopping for a beer growler:

  • Over a century of thermal container engineering expertise from a heritage brand
  • Uses real vacuum-sealed stainless steel construction, not just foam insulation.
  • Keeps beer cold and carbonated 3-5 times longer than standard glass growlers.
  • Highly durable steel builds survive drops without shattering.
  • A powder-coated exterior prevents scratches from daily use.
  • Leakproof gaskets maintain an airtight seal and carbonation.
  • Generous 64-ounce capacity, perfect for fills from breweries.

For the beer enthusiast, Stanley growlers deliver better portability, durability, and storage performance.

Types of Beer Growlers Offered by Stanley

Stanley offers several beer growler models tailored to personal preferences:

Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler: Their original stainless steel growler design with a narrow mouth and wide base is available in seven classic colors.

Stanley Easy-Pour Go Growler: A wider-mouth growler model with a handle and integrated open/close switch enhances carbonation retention

Stanley Classic Outdoor Growler Gift Set: Contains one of Stanley’s Classic easy-pour growlers (64 oz/1.9 l) and four of Stanley’s Stacking steel tumblers in navy, green, grey, and burgundy (12 oz/.35 l)

No matter your specific portable beer storage needs, Stanley has a tailored growler option to deliver exceptional performance.

Stanley Beer Growlers vs. Other Brands: Which is Best for You?

When compared to other top growler brands, Stanley stands out for:

Temperature retention: Unrivaled cold retention for up to a week thanks to vacuum insulation, crucial for craft beer freshness.

Carbonation retention: Innovative leakproof gaskets maintain CO2 bubble consistency remarkably well.

Durability: Durable stainless steel construction prevents damage if dropped. Glass growlers shatter easily.

Capacity: Generous 64-oz size, perfect for full brewery fills. Larger than most glass growlers.

Customization: A variety of colors and limited-edition styles are available. Glass lacks customization.

For value across key performance metrics, Stanley is hard to top. Their growlers go the distance.

The Taste of Freshness: How Stanley Beer Growlers Keep Brews Perfectly Chilled

Unlike glass, stainless steel completely blocks all ultraviolet light, which can create “skunky” off-flavors in beer over time. This light protection helps craft brews stay fresh.

But Stanley’s real advantage is vacuum insulation. Their double stainless steel walls surround an airless void that virtually eliminates heat transfer in or out.

This is crucial for maintaining the 40–55°F ideal serving temperature for most craft beers. Warm beer quickly goes flat and tastes unappealingly malty.

But a pre-chilled Stanley growler will keep your IPA, hefeweizen, or saison-tasting beer ice cold and perfectly carbonated for up to 7 full days. Enjoy brewery tastes at home all week thanks to Stanley!

Crafting the Perfect Pour: Using Stanley Beer Growlers

Follow these pro tips for the ideal craft beer experience with Stanley growlers:

  • Always chill the growler overnight before obtaining fills for maximum cold retention. Leave room for foam!
  • Fill the growler as full as allowed by a brewery to minimize air exposure.
  • Allow the CO2 pressure to release before opening the lid to prevent foaming.
  • Pour, don’t glug! Tipping the growler vertically subjects the beer to excessive foaming from CO2 coming out of the solution.
  • For highly carbonated beers like IPAs, pour down the glass edge to better control foam.
  • Swirl the last sip to experience the brewer’s full flavor profile. Ah, perfection in every pint.

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Stanley Beer Growlers

Follow these best practices when using a Stanley growler:


  • Fully chill the growler before filling for maximum cold retention.
  • Backfill the growler with CO2 after pouring to displace oxygen.
  • Tighten the lid fully to compress the gasket and seal it.
  • Rinse with water after each use and allow to fully air dry to limit corrosion.


  • Expose the growler to direct sunlight, which can “skunk” beer over time.
  • Leave the growler unsealed any longer than necessary. Oxygen ruins the beer.
  • Use metal objects or scouring pads when cleaning that could scratch the interior.

Stanley Beer Growlers for Outdoor Adventures and Picnics

Thanks to their highly durable and insulated stainless steel design, Stanley growlers are perfect for keeping craft brew cold and delicious no matter your outdoor beer-drinking adventure, including:

  • Beach trips and bonfires: Survive duffel bag travels and sandy environments while keeping beer perfectly chilled for hours.
  • Pool parties: No broken glass to ruin the vibe. Insulation keeps pale ales crisp and refreshing in the sun.
  • Boating and kayaking: Won’t sink if dropped overboard, plus evenly distributed weight provides ballast.
  • Hiking and camping: Lightweight and leakproof, unlike glass growlers. Attach to packs via carabiners.

Wherever your next tailgate or adventure leads, keep the craft brew cold and flowing for the whole crew with a Stanley growler built to party. And don’t forget that Stanley makes insulated Beer pitchers, Steins, Mugs, and Tumblers.

The Top Tips for Using a Stanley Beer Growler

Follow these top pointers for maximizing your Stanley growler’s craft beer freshness and portability:

  1. Always fully hand wash and air dry after each use.
  2. Store fully sealed in the fridge when not in use to extend shelf life.
  3. Avoid direct sunlight, which can “skunk” hoppy brews over time.
  4. Let the foam settle before fully sealing the lid to avoid overpressurizing the growler.
  5. Attach carabiners to the handle or strap for easy transport during activities.
  6. Gently pour to prevent excess foaming, which accelerates staining.
  7. Use brewery-aged hops or reduce hop varieties for maximum shelf life.
  8. Limit time exposed to oxygen when open. Drink fresh whenever possible!

How to Clean and Maintain Your Stanley Beer Growler

Like any beverage container, regular cleaning preserves performance and freshness:

  • Always fully disassemble the lid and wash all parts after each use. This prevents beer stone buildup.
  • Use a plastic bottle brush and mild detergent, then rinse thoroughly. Avoid scouring pads.
  • Periodically deep-clean with a baking soda and vinegar solution to remove residues and deodorize.
  • Always fully air-dry upside down before sealing to prevent mold or odors from forming.
  • Frequently apply food-grade lubricant to the lid gasket to maintain an airtight seal.

With simple cleaning habits, your Stanley growler provides years of craft beer freshness.

Investing in Quality: Stanley Beer Growlers for a Lifetime of Craft Beer Enjoyment

Between rugged stainless steel build quality, ample 64-ounce capacity, innovative insulation technology, and handy portability features, Stanley growlers are an investment that returns seasonal joy for decades.

While pricier than basic glass growlers, Stanley’s temperature consistency and durability pay back your investment many times over. No more wasted, flat, or skunky beer.

For beer aficionados committed to enjoying fresh local craft brews at home, tailgates, events, and on adventures, a Stanley vacuum-sealed growler delivers the pinnacle in beer portability and storage. Sip your favorites anywhere life takes you.

In Closing

With over a century of thermal engineering expertise honed across iconic products from adventure thermoses to scientific shipping containers, Stanley brings its A-game when designing containers purpose-built to protect precious liquids. For portable craft beer storage that maintains ideal chill, superb carbonation retention, and durable take-anywhere functionality, Stanley’s vacuum-sealed stainless steel growler lineup can’t be beat. Discover your new favorite brewery and keep their creations cold, fresh, and delicious for weeks using the power of Stanley’s insulation innovations.

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