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Do Klean Kanteen Water Bottles Come With A Warranty?

As a longtime Klean Kanteen user myself, I often get questions about whether these durable stainless steel bottles come with any kind of product warranty. It’s understandable to want assurances when investing in bottles designed for years of use.

In this guide, I’ll provide a detailed overview of Klean Kanteen’s warranty coverage, including what’s protected, limitations, how to make claims, and tips for getting support when needed. Let’s unpack their lifetime “Strong As Steel” guarantee!

I’ve personally relied on Klean Kanteen’s stellar warranty a couple of times over the years when rare manufacturing issues arose with daily-use bottles. The process was smooth, and replacement bottles arrived quickly. Klean Kanteen stands behind its products.

Understanding precisely what their warranty includes, exclusions, registration needs, and how to contact support empowers you to obtain fixes or replacements when warranted. Read on for everything you need to leverage these guarantees with confidence!

Key Takeaways:

  • Yes, Klean Kanteen offers a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on most of its water bottle models.
  • Coverage excludes regular wear and tear damage like dents, dings, scratches, stains, etc. Accidental damage is not covered.
  • Most stainless steel, bamboo, and durable power-coated bottles are covered, with some limitations for customized printed bottles.
  • Contact Klean Kanteen’s customer service team to start a warranty claim if your bottle was defective in the first 5 years. A receipt is preferred.
  • Caps, valves, straws, and other accessories have a 1-year warranty only, except bamboo caps.
  • Basically, the warranty protects against cracked thermal layers, leaky seals, shattered glass, and quality defects discovered under normal use within the coverage period.

Read on for full details about warranty details, item coverage, claim processes, limitations, and exceptions to the standard guarantee. Questions can also be answered at the end.

What Does Klean Kanteen’s Warranty Cover?

Klean Kanteen offers a “limited lifetime warranty” on most of its reusable water bottle models against defects in workmanship and materials if used normally. That includes insulated stainless steel bottles, cups, mugs, tumblers, growlers, and some bamboo or powder-coated bottles.

The warranty covers manufacturing flaws that would render the bottle unusable for its normal purpose due to leaking, shattered insulation, and broken seals and lids. Issues covered under their guarantee discovered under the period of coverage allow Klean Kanteen to repair or replace the defective bottle or cap.

Check out Kleen Kanteen’s full warranty information below:

This protects the customer investment so Klean Kanteen bottles can provide a reliable reusable function for years as expected. Keep reading for full warranty details, inclusions, claim tips, and more answers.

How Do I Claim a Warranty for My Klean Kanteen Product?

To claim the Klean Kanteen warranty due to defects found, contact their customer service team with a photo of the issue, an order receipt, or proof of purchase if possible, and a description of what function is impaired.

They assess each claim individually but may request the defective item be mailed in. If the damage is covered under their limited lifetime guarantee, they replace the faulty Klean Kanteen item with the exact model or a comparable substitute.

See Klean Kanteen’s complete Warranty Claim information including their Warranty Claim Form bellow:

Are All Klean Kanteen Products Covered Under the Same Warranty?

The reusable Klean Kanteen water bottles made of stainless steel, glass, or BPA-free plastic have the best warranty of limited lifetime coverage for manufacturing issues like broken seals and insulation. Accessories are not quite as robust.

Caps, straws, sippy spouts, and other attachments only have a 1-year guarantee against defects. Bamboo caps offer 3-year coverage, though. Printed custom bottles also have limitations.

Basically, metal and glass bottles have the highest quality guarantees directly from Klean Kanteen against flaws, while plastic valves, seals, and custom coatings offer shorter protection.

What Are the Limitations of Klean Kanteen’s Warranty?

Klean Kanteen is very fair, but the warranty only covers manufacturing defects, not normal wear and tear damage, so dents, dings, scratches, and stains don’t qualify as they don’t affect function.

Dropping and accidents that damage the bottle are also not covered. For customized printed bottles, the image quality and colorfastness are only guaranteed up to 30 wash cycles as the printing can slowly wear over time.

They also don’t cover third-party labor costs for any repairs not done directly through them. Without proof of purchase shortly after the sale, they limit replacements to a discount off retail pricing rather than a free swap.

Can I Get My Klean Kanteen Bottle Replaced for Free?

Yes, if your Klean Kanteen has a valid defect covered under their warranty discovered within 5 years of the sale and you have your receipt, they will replace the faulty stainless steel bottle, cap, or part with an identical or comparable option free of charge.

Without the receipt, replacements may be limited to a discount off the current price to purchase a substitute. So keep your proof of purchase from an authorized clean canteen dealer to streamline free replacements for any covered manufacturing flaws that take place within the warranty period.

As per the Klean Kanteen website:

Please note that because we are unable to control the quality of our products sold by unauthorized sellers, unless otherwise prohibited by law, our warranty is not available for products purchased from unauthorized sellers, including unauthorized internet sites.  Klean Kanteen reserves the right to reject warranty claims for products purchased from unauthorized sellers.  The warranty is limited to the original, end-user purchaser in the United States.  For international warranty claims, please work through the distributor from whom you purchased the product.  A list of our distributors is available here.

This guarantee allows Klean Kanteen to stand behind its reusable bottle quality so customers can enjoy lasting function. Additional details can be found below in the warranty details.

Is Receipt Required for Warranty Claim?

Klean Kanteen strongly prefers an order receipt or proof of purchase when assessing warranty claims in case a full replacement is needed. Without it, they limit substitutions to 10% off retail pricing.

So keep your Klean Kanteen bottle receipt to streamline free replacements if covered manufacturing defects emerge down the road. Email it to their customer service team along with photos of the damage when starting your claim.

This helps validate that the purchase occurred within the last 5 years as well as entitles you to free shipping both ways. Warranty coverage is more limited without receipts but still offers some protection.

Does the Warranty Cover Damage from Drops or Accidents?

Unfortunately, Klean Kanteen’s limited lifetime warranty does not cover normal wear and tear damage incurred during the use of their bottles, cups, or mugs. This includes:

  • Dents and scratches from drops or impacts
  • Staining from liquids
  • Chipping or abrasions
  • Fading colors over time
  • Broken parts from excessive force

These issues can naturally emerge from routine handling and do not qualify as manufacturing flaws. Protection is for hidden defects in assembly, seals, insulation, and materials only under normal use.

Are International Customers Covered Under the Warranty?

Yes, the Klean Kanteen warranty covers manufacturing defects for most international orders too but shipping methods can vary. Contact their customer support team directly for guidance specific to your country.

In some cases, Klean Kanteen ships replacement parts internationally for self-repair. Or they may cover shipping costs back to their factory in California and ship replacements to many non-USA destinations.

Expedited global shipping can incur fees without a receipt. However, the basic warranty coverage still applies internationally to protect against flawed Klean Kanteen bottles when purchased abroad.

Do Accessories Like Caps and Lids Have Warranty Coverage?

Yes, Klean Kanteen caps, straws, and other accessories do come with a 1-year limited warranty against defects, just not lifetime coverage. This protects customers against flawed caps with broken gaskets or leaky drinking spouts.

Bamboo caps have a slightly longer 3-year warranty backing their quality. So caps and attachments that malfunction due to damage not from regular wear can be replaced under the guarantee too, just for a shorter duration than insulation bottles.

What Is Not Covered by the Warranty?

Klean Kanteen is very fair but does not warrant normal wear and tear over years of use. Their warranty specifically excludes:

  • Dents, stains, abrasions, and fading colors
  • Loose stickers or graphics
  • Accidental damage from drops or force
  • Issues emerging outside the coverage timeframe

It also does not cover labor fees for repairs not conducted by Klean Kanteen themselves. Or any modifications made after purchase.

The printing quality and colorfastness of custom bottles are only guaranteed for up to 30 wash cycles, as eventual fading can occur from repeated use. Same with some powder coatings losing gloss over time.

Basically, flaws from natural handling and age are not covered, only hidden manufacturing defects compromising function are discovered within the active warranty period.

How Do I Contact Customer Service for Warranty Issues?

To start a Klean Kanteen warranty claim, email customer service at with your order receipt number, photos of the damaged item, name and contact information, including shipping address, and a full description of the defective damage.

Or call their support line at 1.800.767.3173 (Toll-Free) to discuss your product issue with a Klean Kanteen representative directly, if preferred.

They respond promptly via email or phone on weekdays, assessing warranty cases for eligibility and typically requesting defective products be mailed to their warranty evaluation center. Then replacements or refunds are issued based on the circumstances.

Klean Kanteen Contact Information:

Klean Kanteen
3960 Morrow Lane
Chico, California, 95928

1.800.767.3173 (Toll-Free)
530.592.4552 (Telephone)
530.345.3568 (Fax)


Are Customized Bottles Covered Under Warranty?

Yes, Klean Kanteens customized with printed images, logos, or colors still have a limited lifetime guarantee against manufacturing flaws and leaks. However, print durability and color retention are only warranted for up to 30 dishwasher cycles.

Over time, custom prints may slowly fade or lose vibrancy with repeated use as particles absorb into the etching. So dramatic fading complaints after the first month would require photos to assess if they were truly defective.

For the best long-term customization, engraved bottles avoid this warranty limitation since the graphics are etched into stainless steel rather than printed on it. However, customized artwork does still have coverage against physical defects.


In summary, Klean Kanteen offers a fair limited lifetime warranty program to cover reusable water bottles and mugs against hidden manufacturing flaws under normal use that take place shortly after purchase. This guarantees customer satisfaction with bottle quality when defects do unfortunately emerge. Keep your receipt and reach out to their helpful support team with warranty questions or claims.


Q: If my bottle leaks from the threads rather than the actual lid, does a warranty apply?

A: Yes, any flaw causing unexpected leakage would be covered by warranty, whether from the cap, gasket, or other assembled components. Just contact their support team.

Q: Can insulated bottles lose their vacuum seal over time naturally?

A: Yes, as air slowly permeates the inner lining, thermal bottles gradually lose insulation capacity with age. This natural breakdown over years of use is not covered. The warranty is for premature vacuum failure, well short of the average lifespan.

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