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Are Simple Modern Bottles Easy To Carry? Let’s Find Out!

When considering a water bottle purchase, ease of carrying should be high on the priority list. Who wants to lug around a heavy container that causes arm strain or doesn’t fit comfortably in a bag? Simple Modern offers one of the most portable bottle options on the market. Known for sleek designs optimized for an active lifestyle, their bottles make on-the-go hydration a breeze.

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s break down the key factors that make these bottles featherweights in the world of water containers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Simple Modern bottles excel in portability due to their lightweight and compact sizes.
  • Handles and straps make a big difference in providing easy, secure carrying options.
  • The leak-proof lids stay sealed while moving around.
  • While durable, the thin plastic does sacrifice some temperature retention compared to insulated bottles.
  • The bottles fit a wide variety of active lifestyles and settings.
  • Despite the convenience, some models can have a higher price point.

How Do Simple Modern Water Bottles Stack Up in Portability?

Engineered for fuss-free on-the-go hydration, Simple Modern bottles make carrying your liquids an absolute breeze thanks to thoughtfully designed elements catered to portability.

  • The 22-ounce Summit Bottle, weighing just over 2 pounds when full, lightweight builds prevent carrier fatigue
  • Leakproof lids confidently contain fluids during transport to prevent messy spills in bags
  • Ergonomic handles promote sturdy, fatigue-free gripping

Are Simple Modern bottles comfortable to hold for long periods of time?

The Simple Modern bottles use durable plastic that forms an ergonomic shape perfectly suited for a hand grip. The matte texture also creates a good no-slip surface for a tight grasp.

Whether trekking across campus or sitting through back-to-back meetings, the curved handles encourage proper wrist alignment for extended, comfortable carrying. For those longer hauls, the optional nylon strap takes the strain off hands and distributes weight evenly across the back and shoulder.

Specifically contoured to nestle sublimely in your hand for hours of cozy, slip-free gripping, Simple Modern bottles prevent hand strain and tiredness even during extended daily use.

  • Gently curved handles stop hand cramping and fatigue during drawn-out carrying
  • Sweat-proof powder coatings allow sturdy, no-slip grips without annoying drips
  • Featherlight builds comfortably enough to clutch for hours of continuous use

Can you comfortably jog or bike with a full Modern bottle?

The workout doesn’t stop just because you need a sip of water. The narrow profile design fits perfectly in bottle cages on spin bikes, treadmills, and outdoor cycles.

The 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel rim resists denting when tossed in a crowded gym bag. The plastic also bounces back if accidentally dropped while running. For team sports, the uniform shape makes for uniform hydration across the team, with bottles looking sleek and matching on the sidelines.

Constructed for active lifestyles in constant motion, Simple Modern water bottles travel smoothly during jogging and biking without inconvenient leakage or awkward, visible bouncing.

  • Innovative leakproof lids confidently keep liquids fully secured inside
  • Angled contours limit protruding shapes that catch and bounce while in motion
  • Textured coating permits sturdy, stress-free gripping mid-activity

Weight: A Feather on Your Back or a Brick in Your Bag?

Ounce-for-ounce, Simple Modern bottles boast intentionally ultra-lightweight builds, letting you stash them in bags without worrying about excessive added bulk.

  • Many models weighing under 2 pounds, even when full, seem to carry feather-light
  • Slim, compact construction prevents bulky feels in packed bags
  • Easy to toss in purses or clips without worrying about heavy loads

Ounces matter when it comes to ease of portability. Why carry around extra weight when streamlined is best? The Simple Modern 22-ounce Summit Water Bottle tips the scales at just 11 ounces empty. The 40-ounce Summit Water Bottle ups the ante at only 15.6 ounces empty. Ditching the heavy glass and stainless steel construction pays dividends in lightness.

The bottles feel almost weightless at the bottom of a purse or backpack. For longer distances, the extreme lightness reduces shoulder and back strain compared to heavier vessels. Yet they still feel substantial enough in hand to avoid a flimsy feeling.

Size Matters: Finding the Right Fit for Your Lifestyle

Offering a spectrum of vessels from just-right compact to high-capacity spacious, Simple Modern has the perfect portable bottle to match your hydration needs and personal style.

  • A diverse range of capacity options to suit any situation’s liquid requirements
  • Even slimmer bottles hold an impressive 20 oz. for all-day sipping
  • Great for travel needs or routine daily usage

Water bottles come in an array of shapes and sizes these days, catering to different needs. Simple Modern offers a water bottle size to fit just about any on-the-go lifestyle. The 20-ounce capacity works well for shorter urban commutes or packing light on day hikes. The 32-ounce bottle hits that sweet spot for longer treks or all-day campus carry.

For extreme hydration needs, the colossal 40-ounce Jug provides over a liter of liquid. Flat base options allow upright desks to stand between sips without the risk of spills. Those favoring cup holders can choose models with a tapered base. With plenty of wiggle room for personal preferences, there’s a streamlined Simple Modern bottle ready to tag along.

Design Details: Do Handles and Straps Make a Difference?

Clever design elements set Simple Modern bottles stand apart from traditional cylindrical containers. An hourglass silhouette at the base allows for easy one-handed grasping when in a hurry. The curved ergonomic handle encourages proper wrist alignment when held for longer durations. Flat sides prevent unwanted bottle rolling when placed on uneven surfaces.

Some choices have hollowed sides to allow strap threading for multiple carrying options. Models like the Summit come with both top and side handles, providing grab points. Details like the Summit’s dual steel rings allow carabiner clip attachments for ultralight backpack transport and external filling on the trail. Simple refinements fine-tuned for mobility make a tangible difference.

Do Simple Modern bottles have secure, leak-proof lids that stay closed while carrying?

Few things sabotage portability faster than a flimsy water bottle lid popping open unexpectedly in transit. Simple Modern puts leak prevention at a premium with their Flip Cap lid innovation. A push button mechanism flips up the spout cover when pressed and automatically reseals the seal when released.

An air-tight construction keeps water locked in and microbes out. Silicone gaskets provide additional protection for jostling contents when rushing between destinations. Once closed, the lid withstands upright drops without failure. For further security, a secondary locking hatch on lids like the Ascent gives peace of mind that the lid won’t pop open when the backpack is compressed.

Durability vs. Portability: Can You Have the Best of Both Worlds?

In the quest for lighter packaging, durability often suffers without proper material reinforcements. Simple Modern strikes an artful balance between resilient toughness and functional minimalism. They mold bottles out of BPA-free, tough plastic rated for frequent use rather than cheaper, thin plastic prone to cracks. The Summit model gets added stainless steel trim protection along its midline, which is prone to dents during rugged use.

Though streamlined, the bottles retain enough thickness to resist surface scratches during everyday use. The materials also bounce back after compressions, making them ideal for cramming into crowded bags worry-free. Simple Modern proves vessels can remain feather-light without sacrificing robustness for long-term convenience.

Temperature Retention: Hot Commodity or Cool Feature Without the Weight?

Stainless steel reigns supreme for heat and cold retention thanks to its thick, nonporous insulation. But weight is the tradeoff for that thermal reliability. Simple Modern bottles instead opt for lightweight plastic that sacrifices some insulation for easier transport. They negate some temperature loss with ergonomic shaping that limits surface exposure.

The narrow bottle shape exposes less surface area to ambient temperatures than wider vessels. So while contents gradually lose warmth or chill over time, the streamlined shaping preserves desired drinking temperatures longer than cheaper options. Carrying convenience and moderate insulation make for a reasonable compromise over stainless steel’s bulk.

Versatility: From Gym Rats to Desk Jockeys, Who Loves Carrying Them?

Rather than pigeonholing themselves to hardcore athletes, Simple Modern broadens their appeal to mixed demographics. The bottles are at home in both the yoga studio and the office. Clean aesthetics mesh in professional settings while clearly signaling hydration on the go rather than holding unhealthy beverages. The standard size fits most automobile cup holders for reliable road trip refueling.

Youth styles with pops of color cater to school-aged students trekking across campus. Strap coils and carabiners make the bottles ready for serious outdoor adventure. Streamlined to not seem out of place in any environment, Simple Modern versatility reflects life’s journeys, blending fitness with career or academics.


At the end of the day, Simple Modern bottles deliver exceptional portability and drinking convenience without breaking budgets. Well-designed ergonomic shaping, dual carrying options, and premium leakage protection allow for hydration on the move without hassles. Durable, lightweight construction suits rigorous regimens or 9-to-5 commutes with equal agility. While streamlined for no-fuss mobility, Simple Modern does not cut corners on quality or sustainability values. Ultimately, Simple Modern bottles let people focus on each day’s journey rather than worrying about the water vessel tag along each step of the way.


Q: What are the most lightweight Simple Modern bottle choices?

A: The 14– and 18-ounce slim profile bottles are the lightest models at 7.5 and 9.3-ounce weights, respectively. However, the 12-ounce kid-size model is featherlight as well, at 5.7 ounces.

Q: What bottles work best for bicycles or jogging?

A: The Summit is optimized for active hobbies with its angled spout, multi-grip options, and carabiner clips for external filling on trail runs or cycling sessions.

Q: Do I need an insulation sleeve for temperature retention?

A: For most users, the streamlined plastic provides sufficient insulation for short-term temperature retention of contents without further sleeves being required. But stainless steel versions or neoprene sleeves help prolong warmth or chill for longer durations.

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